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Month: February 2018

MWC Attendees Get $100 FREE to Spend on Blackbox!

February 28, 2018

Do you have an app? If so, do you want to get more downloads? Well then you’re in luck. The team at Redbox Mobile Plc have created a platform known as Blackbox, a machine-learning tool for managing App store paid search campaigns.

Blackbox is sleek, easy to use, feature full platform. We are offering this year’s MWC attendees and exclusive $100 FREE media spend for every new app on the platform. This allows you to fully test out all the features yourself, before committing your own budget, so why not give it a whirl? The Blackbox team are on hand to assist you if you have any set up queries, just email admin@blackbox-platform.com.

Blackbox optimises keywords every 10 minutes and makes 500,000 decisions a day so you don’t have to. We save our clients time and money by running efficient campaigns and helping businesses like yours to get discovered in the App Store. It works by allowing advertisers to bid on relevant keywords, based on your app’s Meta data, and gives everybody a chance to reach the crucial number 1 position and achieve more downloads than ever before.

Of course, you can set up a campaign yourself on Apple Search Ads directly, using the Advanced version, or Basic if you are based in the U.S. Neither has the feature set and A.I that Blackbox does, so unless you are able to employ an army of experts, Blackbox will save you a serious amount of time whilst ensuring your campaign runs at maximum efficiency. Blackbox currently operates on iOS, with Android coming soon, so keep an eye on www.blackbox-platform.com for more information, or to be kept up to date with our news email admin@blackbox-platform.com and ask to be opted into our newsletter.

Want to know how to get started on Blackbox? Simple! We have created a video on the Blackbox homepage that shows you everything you need to know. Or Follow the steps below to be live in less than 2 minutes minutes:

  1. Go to www.blackbox-platform.com
  2. Select your app store territory and app
  3. Click “lets get started”
  4. Sign up with Google or your email & confirm your email address
  5. The campaign will now build for you, pulling in keywords from your metadata, category and competitors.
  6. Select any keywords you wish to boost
  7. Select your CPA Goals and budget
  8. You’re ready to go live! Make sure to check back regularly to see your results

The Blackbox team are on hand to assist you with campaign setup queries and to make optimisation suggestions. We look forward to working with you and wish you every success in the app store!



Redbox Mobile Plc was founded in February 2013. Redbox is an award winning, global, multi-lingual App Store Optimisation, Apple Search Ads and Google UAC agency that has successfully serviced over 700 apps and brands. We are proud to include The Times, Wall Street Journal, Sky and Redbull in our client portfolio. In June 2017, Redbox Mobile launched the Blackbox Platform, a first of its kind, machine-learning platform for managing App store paid search campaigns. Blackbox optimises towards conversions and is an efficient, scalable and easy to use method of driving more users to your app.

For media enquiries contact: Katharine@blackbox-platform.com

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Android is coming to Blackbox!

February 23, 2018

Do you have an app? If so, do you want to get more downloads? App store paid search is an effective and inexpensive way to increase traffic to your app.

The team at Redbox Mobile Plc have created a platform known as Blackbox, a machine-learning tool for managing your Search Ads campaigns. Blackbox optimises keywords every 10 minutes and makes 500,000 decisions a day so you don’t have to. We save our clients time and run efficient campaigns, helping businesses to get discovered in the App Store.

Blackbox currently operates on iOS, with Android coming soon, so watch this space for more information!

The Blackbox team can’t wait for #MWC2018 next week – we hope to see you there! Come and find us on stand 8.1J16 !

To book a meeting with a member of the Blackbox team, email admin@blackbox-platform.com.

Top ASO Hacks You Need To Know

February 9, 2018

Boosting organic app downloads and deposits in the gambling sector is one of the toughest nuts to crack. With over 20,000 apps competing for the keyword ‘casino’ and 15,000 for ‘bet football’ how are you possibly going to succeed?

1. ASO keyword strategy; use the obvious keywords, but also use the less obvious ones. E.g. ACCA might have low search volume, but v high relevance. Build up a conversion history on these low volume words and it’ll help you rank for the big competitive words.

2. Which keywords actually convert to a deposit or registration? Our work with Apple Search ads tells us ranking no1 for many terms is pure vanity. The Search ads data allows you to refine your organic ASO strategy and focus on keywords which actually drive performance.

3. Go early. If you’re a Sportsbook and want to rank well for e.g. Cheltenham, stick it in your subtitle or promo text now.

4. Apple search ads is your friend, even if you don’t know it yet. Search ads is the cheapest (quality) acquisition channel . It allows you to buy keywords that actually produce a result. I.e. a deposit. Spending on Search ads helps pin point the right words and at the right price.

5. ASO is getting harder. The results take longer and you wont succeed without paid spend on Search ads. App acquisition is now not just ASO but Search ads + ASO. Search ads will boost your organic keywords and downloads too.

Contact fraser@redboxmobile.com for a free strategic plan to boost your downloads and deposits.

Paid Search & The Need To Protect Your Brand

February 8, 2018

So, your ASO is completed and you are ranking for lots of core terms plus most importantly, your brand.

Then BAM, out of nowhere, you’re now second. How can this be? Your ASO strategy is near perfect, and surely nobody can rank better for your brand than your very own app?

But wait, it’s an advert. Somebody is buying my brand! This is not fair surely? If people search a brand, they want that specific brand. Well, it’s not that easy. It’s an open market, you can and will be attacked. Remember, the bigger the brand, the more of a target you become!

There is good news though. You can protect yourself from such threats by implementing a Paid Search Strategy to work with your ASO Foundation. A Paid Search Strategy will help protect you from the competitors benefiting from your brand and you can do this at a small cost as you will be the most relevant app. The perfect part of this strategy is that by buying your own brand, you not only have the number one spot, but also number two, which means you will dominate the iPhone screens.

The scary thing is that if you are not buying your own brand, somebody else is, or will do in the very near future. You would be amazed at the conversion rate that competitors can get from you. We have conducted a previous test for one of the top banks in the world. From the results, we saw them able to buy a competitor’s brand name at just £0.08p, with a conversion of 50%. Would you want to lose 50% of your brand traffic, for such a low cost?

Of course you don’t! That’s why you need to start protecting your brand. This is one of the reasons why we have developed Blackbox Platform and introduced a specific Brand Protection element to our campaigns.

More and more clients are connecting with us to protect their brand. Check out Blackbox Platform and get your campaign live now, with a free $100 spend. Experience the power of the platform and view the results in real time. Once you see what we can do, I’m sure you will want a long-term plan to protect your brand and expand your campaign.

If you are still searching for some help with ASO, check out our previous blog on ASO myths or contact our Redbox Agency for more information.

5 Mobile Marketing insights you need to be thinking about in 2018

February 2, 2018

The world of mobile marketing is an ever-changing beast; you need to be ahead of the curve in order to win in this sector. Redbox Mobile plc. is an award winning App Store Optimisation and Paid Search agency. We have come up with a list of our top 5 predictions that will shape app marketing strategies for agencies and brands over the next year. Read on if you’d like to hear about our predictions…

1. Instant apps will open up a new channel for app discovery
As you may know, Google began rolling out Instant Apps last year. Instant Apps allow users to ‘try out’ apps without actually downloading them onto their device. They can be accessed through clicking on a link in a search engine, on social media or within an instant message. The idea is that they will reduce barrier to entry, as users won’t need to worry about using up space on their device. We anticipate Apple will follow suit and offer Instant Apps to IOS customers this year. This is likely to spur on the already buoyant app development industry, so having an app that stands out from the rest has never been more important.

2. Internet of Things
The world we live in is becoming more and more connected, with smart homes, smart health, wearable tech and more. We are addicted to having ultimate control over our lives at the tap of a finger. For example, the ability to instantly find out how many steps we’ve walked today, to turn our heating up via an app before we get home from work or to record our favourite show remotely because we’re going to arrive back late. There are even apps to order a repeat prescription of the medication you are running out of!

Technology is making our modern lives more and more streamlined. Apple watch apps are already booming and will continue to grow, and with the increasing popularity of voice activated digital assistants like Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod or Google Alexa, the face of search is changing. Consumers no longer have to physically go into the app store and search for the latest app, they can ask their device to download it for them. For that reason, compliance with ASO and paid search best practices are more important than ever, as is keeping abreast with the latest algorithm changes. UX is still really important, but it is becoming more a more likely that you will be vying for a machine’s attention, rather than a human’s.

3. Location based services to go mainstream
Location-based services already made headlines in 2017 and their functionality is only set to grow in 2018. We predict the next big breakthrough to be real-time, location-based offers and advertisements. Companies will be able to suggest you shop from a retail store that you’re standing right in front of in real time.

We know that local search heavily impacts how major search engines like Google rank the websites in their index. Mobile device usage continues to grow and traditional desktop usage is declining. The mobile browser is effectively dead, with 90% of time on a mobile device spent in apps. As the number of apps in the app store continues to grow, local references will begin to be used as ranking factors in the app store. We already see this within Search ads, and are able to target our ads to specific cities, e.g. Manchester in the UK app store.

Of course, privacy remains a big concern, especially with upcoming changes to European data protection regulations later this year. When developing location-based apps and services, the consumer must always have a choice on whether or not they reveal their location based on the service they subscribe to.

4. M-Commerce is growing, putting pressure on cyber security to keep up the pace
Digital commerce is no longer restricted to just computers or smartphones. In-app payments across devices continue to grow, with payments from ‘other mobile devices’ expected to increase $1.75 billion this year. Consumers expect frictionless checkout experiences combined with the same level of security across all devices. With the number of cyber attacks and data breaches on the rise last year, mobile security will be a key theme for 2018. We expect to see tighter regulations around app security, which will impact app development trends.

(Image source: crysberry.com)

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are other factors to be thrown into the mobile commerce mix. They have received an increased amount of media attention and as such, mass market interest in these currencies is starting to grow. The appeal of cryptocurrencies lies in increased security they offer, fast secure global transactions and lower transaction fees, when compared to all existing currencies. These benefits could be particularly useful to app owners who have a global user base.

5. In App UX becomes more sophisticated… but data is still king
With the release of the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, frameless design has become a huge trend. In 2018 we will continue to see an increase in full screen app designs and consumers will become accustomed to more sophisticated mobile experiences which, will continue to drive competition in app development and design.

Of course having a beautifully designed app will increase your likelihood of getting downloads, but as an app marketing agency, Redbox Mobile is particularly interested in a user’s behaviour and engagement in app. This can be viewed though implementation of an SDK. The data your SDK provides enables us to optimise your campaign so that we are targeting your most valuable users. For Search Ads, we have a machine-learning platform known as ‘Blackbox’, which automates the running of Apple Search Ads campaigns, making 500,000 optimisations a day. Blackbox optimises towards conversions and ensures your search ads campaigns run really efficiently.

We hope you enjoyed reading our top 5 Mobile Marketing predictions for the year ahead. To get in touch with a member of the Redbox Mobile team about your app marketing strategy, email admin@blackbox-platform.com.

5 ASO Myths you need to understand!

February 1, 2018

App Store Optimisation, or ASO, is still a grey area for a lot of app developers and owners. There are lots of people out there who simply think that if you build a great app, and then it will be hugely successful. But this could not be further than the truth. At Redbox Mobile plc, we want to help you cut through the smoke of App Marketing. ASO is crucial to an app’s success, but for every great tip there is also a myth, which could seriously damage your rankings. Below, we discuss the top 5 myths within the world of App Store Optimisation.

Myth #1 You should stuff keywords in your title
Keyword stuffing is a technique used by people with little ASO knowledge that will often end up with your app being penalised by the App Stores. Not only this, but often stuffing keywords ends up with an app title that makes little to no sense to the consumer. And if the title does not make sense, then why would they believe the app to make sense?

Myth #2 Descriptions are not important
Often people do not utilise their 4000 characters for an app description, opting to do a small, quickly written description with no thought. Whilst it is true that most consumers will not read your full description, it is very important to utilise this space to seed keywords. The description is part of the app listing that is reviewed by the operating systems, IOS and Android, to determine what your app is about and what you are trying to be found for. As an example, a casino client would look to have the words roulette or blackjack written at least 4 times in this area, to show they are relevant to the search engines.

Myth #3 “I’ve built a great app, So people will naturally download it”
It is widely believed that if you build the worlds greatest app, That it will go viral and people will download it. This is simply not the case. You could build an app that is free and offers every user £1000, but if it cannot be found, it will never be downloaded. That’s why ASO is so important. ASO allows you to be found by the right users. If your app lacks ASO, then it will be lost in the sea of over 2 million (Apple)/6 million (Android) apps. Having a great functioning App with great ratings and reviews will show a good experience and help your rankings, but it does not replace the need for App Store Optimisation.

Myth #4 Screenshots do not matter
Although your screenshots do not impact whether your app will be found, they have a massive impact on your conversion rating. ASO is not just about being found, but also converting those users to a download and loyal user. That’s where your screenshots come in. Do not under estimate the power of them. Take for example a screenshot that is too busy, with lots of information displayed. The brain quickly switches off and the user loses interest. In comparison, a phone that spans two colourful screenshots, with a simple call to action on each, is easy to read and encourages a user to download the app.

Myth #5 “I’m doing paid search so do not need organic traffic”
Paid search and organic go hand in hand, with both aiding one another. If you have good Meta data that keeps you relevant in your category, it allows you to firstly buy a keyword, but also buy it at an efficient cost. When you are relevant for a keyword, the app store will favour you at a reduced price point, as you are viewed as an app that the user is searching for. On the flip side, your paid search strategy will help you to acquire more downloads, so you gather more download history for that keyword and thus become more relevant organically.

We often advise clients, if they are having difficulties buying keywords in a particular space, that their organic strategy may need revisiting. Once this is addressed, we often see a huge boost in search ads activity, with more impressions, downloads and a more efficient advertising cost. If you are interested in automating your Apple Search Ads campaigns and would like to hear more about our machine-learning platform ‘Blackbox‘, email admin@blackbox-platform.com. Blackbox optimises keywords every 10 minutes and makes 500,000 decisions a day so you don’t have to. We save our clients time and money by running efficient campaigns, helping them get discovered in the App Store. Alternatively, call a member of the Redbox Mobile team on 01488 682442 to discuss your ASO strategy.

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