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Month: September 2016

Why you need to invest in App Store Optimization

September 14, 2016

As the number of apps in the App Stores has grown, the chance of being found has dramatically dropped. App marketers have realised the importance of being able to find an app and thus started trying to improve app rankings, which has led to the creation of App Store Optimization.

In simple terms App Store Optimization or ASO is

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The App Store’s new 50-character title limit in iOS 10

September 7, 2016

This week saw a big shake up in how titles work in the App Store and iOS 10 Apple has introduced a new 50-character guideline for all iOS apps, in a surprise move to coincide with the launch of the new iPhone 7. The change sees Apple move in line with Google’s 30-character limit, which although cleaner and more aesthetic makes optimization a more difficult and shrewd game.

What does this mean?

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